Couponing Endeavor

I’m not a couponer, but I want to be. I plan on needing money for summer fun at the beach and if I can save money on groceries and not have to eat ramen noodles, all the better. I follow a few couponing websites. One I visited recently gave me a code to get National Highlights.

Here is the site:

After going to the site and ordering at least 25 books, the price of the book drops to $2.00 per book! (my book actually says $20 on front)

These books come with four $5 off coupons for The Fresh Market that can also be used at Publix. So, for ordering 25 books, each book having 4 coupons, this is a total savings of $500 at the grocery store ($450 counting your initial purchase price). There are tons of other coupons allowing for more savings at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Bass Pro, Bed Bath and Beyond, 1-800-Flowers, rental car companies, and more. The savings could be much more than $500.

Now that I have my coupon books, I only need to drive to Fresh Market or Publix to score my discounts.


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